Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mighty Indeed

So, I started this blog as a way to vent.
Then I did the remodel as a way to display the remodel of Dillock Manor.
(The apartment my boyfriend and I share with two wonderful felines, and I'm convinced, a few ghosts.)

Keeping a regular project seems a daunting task and one I have yet to skillfully master in such a way that I can call myself proud.
This doesn't seem to be a new concept to my generation, or the one before.
I digress so as to save myself (and you) from a diatribe of circling thoughts that would, I believe just lead to a shower drain of confusion. And probably some self righteous, uninformed exclamations.

My point -- I have found inspiration. In many places.
One of the most recent has been blogs written by women of all kinds.
So far my favorite - Mighty Girl

When I first stumbled on her blog I was excited, amused and fucking intimidated.
Reading her list of things to do I thought, well hell I should write one of those! (See my next post)
And at the end, after shutting down my computer, and getting into the POS pick-up truck my boyfriend held the reigns to.. I felt small.
She seems to have done so much and with such courage that I, wee little Willow felt small and boring.

This changed today.

I gave her blog and site another look and realized to my great delight, that she too has battled with "silly" fears, anxieties and mishaps.
(Plus she likes tea, thought birth was one of the scariest things she'd ever have to go through until she did it, and fell in love with her first car.)
I don't say these things to sound like a stalker, or even praise this woman, but more to help explain what has helped give me the confidence to get this project (the record of other endeavors) off of its cement laden feet.

To take that step and start this blog and begin to log what I want to change.
Starting with the apartment.

WARNING: This blog has a very great chance of veering into thought-and-ramble land.

Thanks for reading and please do comment with any thoughts.

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