Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Mighty Girl List

-Plant a vegetable garden. -Put a kiddie pool in the courtyard of my apartment for some summer night swimming. -Catch lightning bugs in jars. Enough to light a room. (Let them go same night) -Swim in the ocean naked. -Take a road trip by myself. -See Asheville North Carolina. -Draw my own coloring book. -Make candles from leftover wax. -Make wine bottle lights. -Continue to work to make every place I live my home. -Make a vegetarian lasagna. -Hold a reiki party. -See Nine Inch Nails live. -Meet Joss Whedon. -Get into a mosh pit again and kick ass! -Do a shot. -Make very tiny cupcakes for Alana when she doesn't expect it. -Take Claire on a miny road trip just the two of us. -Tan in California with Mom. -Grow Aloe Vera plant for when I go tanning with Mom and most likely burn. -Learn how to make whine. -Plant 764 trees. -Kiss more often. -Smile 3 times in every day (MINIMUM!) -Dance every day. -Publish a book. -Make my own cook book. -Have a gallery show for my photography. -Learn how to play one song on an instrument with confidence. -Paint with my whole body. -Love honestly. -Plan a day of Dick-worthy adventures. -Make a gown. -Rock cowboy boots. -Own coats of all colors of the rainbow. -Hold a garage, art, food sale to benefit a local family in need. -Swim with something bigger than myself. -Hold my arms open under a rain filled sky in Ireland. -Take an art class every year starting in 2010. -Worry less. -Breathe more.

This list is inspired by a list from MightyGirl.com.
(Also see Bon Appetit's mention of Mighty Girl - Maggie Mason's goals.)

This is a changing list. One I am proud to write and excited to cross things off of. I will probably make certain goals more specific.

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